The Lifestyle Salon Plan™

Learn the simple 9-step strategy that increases your salon turnover without working more hours, taking you from the War Zone into the Lifestyle Zone.

LEARN How To Attract a Flood of New Clients, Convert Them Into Raving fans & Deliver a 5 star service every day of the week... without working more hours

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What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:





How To Attract A Flood of New CLIENTS To Your Salon Without Using Dreaded Specials Or Gimmicks.

Learn how to position yourself as the number one salon in town. Being the number one salon means you can attract clients and staff on tap, and you can charge a premium for your services 

Clients in your area are searching right now for a salon that positions itself as the #1 salon. They are not interested in price, they want the best salon in their world and will pay a premium for it.

I will show you the BIGGEST mistake salon owners are doing to attract clients and how you can avoid this costly mistake and save you hundreds of dollars and hours of your time.

Facebook likes will not pay staff wages or your rent, so you need to be able to get seen above every other salon that are smothering your Facebook posts, and get them calling your salon.


Learn How To FILL The Quiet Days In Your salon And The Busy Days Will Look After Themselves.

Most salon owners make the mistake of relying only on new clients to grow their salon, yet it is repeat clients where the real money is made. 

You are in a repeat client business. The fastest way to grow your profits is to get repeat clients back through your door

No more waiting for the phone to ring or sweating on walk-ins, you will have the control and be able get your staff booked out on quiet days and thats the easiest way to get them to reach 3 x wage  

The empty day/empty chair roller coaster ride is finally over! 

However I have some really good news for you, you are probably sitting on a CLIENT list and this is a potential gold mine!


Learn WHY Statistics suggest That 60% Of Salon Clients DO NOT Come Back. Make sure your salon is NOT part of this statistic.

How your clients and staff are crying out for you to implement this in your salon right now, and a staggering 68% of clients will leave their salon because they perceive an attitude of indifference in the service they receive.

By far the hardest part of maintaining your salon standards is delivering consistency. It simply is not good enough to give a ‘one out of ten’ service for one visit and a ‘nine out of ten’ service for the next. In order to become known for something, we have to be delivering regularly – and having a reputation for great client care is no exception. 

Word-of-mouth recommendation is by far the greatest asset you have for encouraging new business, and people only recommend you if they experience a high level of consistency.

RICHARD MCCABE Lifestyle Salon Coach  

About Your Host

Richard McCabe's “Attract, Convert and Deliver” Lifestyle Salon System for growing salon businesses are the talk of Facebook. He shows salon owners how to take their salons from what he calls. 'THE WAR ZONE' to the 'LIFESTYLE ZONE' helping them create more money while working less hours.

Richard McCabe is regarded as one of the best Lifestyle Salon Coaches in the hair and beauty industry, with clients all over the world. Before Richard became a coach to salon owners he owned salons in both Australia and the UK for over 25 years, so he really has walked the walk. 

He knows exactly what salon owners are going through no matter what stage their business is at.  

Richards specialty is in helping salon owners to create for themselves a lifestyle worthy of their efforts in business. His practical, hands on approach makes learning with him easy. As for how passionate he is about helping salon owners, well you only need speak with him and it becomes very clear, he is PASSIONATE.  

Richard helps salons to Attract more clients, Convert them into raving fans, and Deliver 5 star results.

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