How would you like to know the secret to making your salon give you the lifestyle you want?

Attract | Convert | Deliver Is The #1 Way You Can Increase Profits In Your Salon 

...and Richard McCabe, Founder of Lifestyle Salon Coach is going to reveal this formula for you

For the first time ever, a salon owners business course that aims at smaller salons or start up salons.

I'm going to show you how you can increase your salons takings by 30% without resistance no matter what city or town you’re in.  

 You see, Attract, Convert and Deliver is the #1 way you can spearhead dramatic improvements in PROFIT in your salon. But…....

One of the biggest issues I see with salon owners is that their wage bill is over 45%. This is killing their salon. 

If you cannot get your staff to do 3x wage minimum ☹️

Then I know your salon is in the WAR ZONE.

It means you are over staffed. You don't have enough clients to fill your stylists/therapists.

So let's fix it today.

How do I get my staff to make 3 x wage.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔  

Give them 30 clients a week with an average bill of $100

How do you do that?

Learn how to mix things up 😜😜😜

✅ Be the expert and get good clients searching you out.

✅ Use your current database to target lapsed clients and clients that are dragging it out.

✅ Give them a reason to return sooner.

✅ Train your team to systemise the client journey so your average client bill is under YOUR control.

Let's get you into the Lifestyle zone 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Only 10% Of Clients, Make Their Buying Decisions Based Solely On Price…

You see, trying to attract clients with specials and discounts will destroy your salon in the long run. 

If you cannot set your salon apart from all the other salons in your area, clients WILL judge you on price and price alone, because most clients do not see why you are different and will only choose you on price.  

That’s because they don’t know how to totally reinvent their salon so they can be perceived differently from other businesses. That way, they can charge more and stand out—and STILL have clients do business with them without losing out.  

You see, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to assume that everybody makes buying decisions based solely on price. If that were the case, then everybody would be going to McDonalds instead of going to higher class restaurants that are 5-10 times more expensive.  

And why do you see people lining up for iPhones and iPads when you can get comparable cellphones and tablets, respectively, for relatively cheaper?  

There are 9 specific areas that ALL salon owners who are not at the lifestyle salon stage struggle with:  

Would You Like Me To Show You The Simple 9 Steps That I Implemented In My Salon To Take It From Ordinary To Spectacular? 💥💥💥💥

ATTRACT new high paying clients not bargain chasers, CONVERT them into raving fans so they’re loyal to your brand, DELIVER remarkable service and get referrals on tap  


1. We’ll start with building your Salons Authority as clients are more savvy these days and want to go to ‘the salon expert’ We’ll work on your ‘what to say’ and ‘how often’ you need to put your message out to get noticed. As we all know adverts DO NOT work any more. We’ll get you the new clients and money you’re after.  


2. Next, we’ll take you through our ‘Money Map’ Model; with a goal to get you to 30% and higher takings this year. The key to how many clients you need, who they are and how do you find them. We want to get this up and running early so it will immediately impact your bottom line profit as fast as possible.  


3. Then we will focus on Marketing Mastery... where we focus not only on ‘how’ to post to get you more clients, but also on making sure you have accountability systems to track that those posts and adverts get done correctly and consistently, which will maximize your salon growth. We have been working on this for years and have it down to a science now. We will give you templates and help you organise new good habits for YOUR salon.  


4. Once the salon has been seen and noticed by new clients we need to ‘seal the deal’. They will go and check you out; branding your salon is a MUST to get prospective clients to believe in your story. You’ll have your Facebook page and website have a makeover that portrays your story and build your credibility too. 


5. Then we will set to work on your ‘core story’. As you are aware old style marketing just doesn’t cut it with the new savvy client, so we need to tell ‘our story’, ‘our way’. Story telling has been at the forefront of getting clients and customers for some years now. You will share your ‘vision’, your ‘why’ and your knowledge on your current clients. This story will be the backbone of everything you do, getting staff and clients alike.  


6. One of the most overlooked opportunities for salon owners to increase their takings and make more money is hidden in their computer system. You will learn how to get clients to stay loyal to you and also learn the secrets to getting clients to visit more often. This keep in touch strategy can increase takings by a whopping $50,000 in a year.  


7. Then we will focus on Client Satisfaction Mastery... where we focus not only on ‘how’ to do a great consultation, but also on making sure you have every step of the client journey mapped out. Which will maximize your retail and service sales. We have been working on this for years and have it down to a science now. We will give you templates and help you customize them for YOUR salon.  


8. One of the keys to getting your salon to earn MORE while you are working LESS is the ‘Remarkable Service’... you’ll be able to grow your salon and up your income, without adding any more hours to your day. This is about making the ‘salon’ a destination ‘NOT YOU’. Getting your salon standards perfect and systemised is like multiplying you 10x and NOT making YOU the busiest person in the salon, which will free up your time to run the salon you have always dreamed of.  


9. Once we’ve plugged all the major leaks in your salon and decked you out with some of the best tools in the industry... you’ll be ready to multiply your success and crank up your team’s results. In our ‘Team Meettng Planner’ not only will we determine the meetng rhythms you need to maximize accountability, but also we will make sure you have a detailed outline of the BIG picture (how much your salon is expected to grow this year) and portray this to the smaller picture (how you will get your team to do their part). The most important meetings are based on teaching your team about all that you will be learning in this course to keep them productive and on track. (Oh yeah, and learn the secret to get you to stop motivating them, and how to get your team to motivate themselves willingly!)


Richard McCabe Reveals His Proven, Profitable, Foolproof Strategies For Creating 30% Salon Growth in 12 Months.

What others are saying about the program:

“When we first tried this out, we were skeptical. But seeing the bank account grow and the salon fully booked, we were absolutely blown away.”  

Are you a busy salon but come the end of the week there is nothing left in the pot?  

That means your salon is leaking money, and you will NEVER grow your salon in to the Lifestyle Salon it could be.  

I see this so many times as the leading expert in getting salons into the Lifestyle Zone.  

To plug those holes, to fix them for good, you need a system and I will show this system.  

Finally! A Reliable, Easy, & Proven Way To Use The Lifestyle Salon System As An Unfair Advantage To Almost Effortlessly 'Be seen As The Expert In Your Town' So That Clients Choose You On Your Skill NOT Price!  

  Why is this relevant?  

​​​​​​​Because clients are not fooled by the cheap tactics some salon owners use, just as I know that you are not fooled by the ‘get rich’ schemes, that others are saying just do this one thing and your salon will be amazing……..  

It takes hard work and a few things implemented well and tweaked over time to start your salon growing into the LIFESTYLE salon you have always wanted and deserved.  

In fact these little implementations and adjustments will potentially not only save you over $200,000 a year but will take that $200,000 and give it right back to you, yep straight into your bank account!  

Now wouldn’t that be nice, just imagine going to the ATM/cash point and seeing $200,000 as your balance on the screen. WOW!  

I know that does seem a little far fetched, but I promise you most salons, and yours is no exception, are losing around $200,000 a year.  

That’s the difference between just surviving (WAR ZONE) and thriving (LIFESTYLE ZONE).  

I would love to prove this to you and unpack just where that money is being lost.

I’m sure that right now, if you’re anything like me you’re probably feeling pumped, excited, overwhelmed and raring to go, and I totally understand that. The strategies I’ve laid out here in this book took me over 10 years to discover from dozens of different mentors, books, seminars and a whole lot of trial and error.  

I wish I’d had something like this when I got started. I hope that instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll realise that this is actually a huge shortcut.